How We Work

The Relentless Pursuit of Maximum Recovery

No matter the severity of their injuries, victims and families deserve maximum recovery for the harm they have suffered. At TrialHawk, we relentlessly pursue exactly that: maximum recovery. From the day we first meet with a client until the representation is complete, we identify ways to fulfill our mission to maximize recovery.

Step 1: Investigation

We swiftly conduct a broad investigation of your claim, identify the providers at fault, and discover the evidence needed to maximize your recovery. Our experience enables us to efficiently obtain the evidence needed to prove facts without getting bogged down in collateral issues.

Step 2: Pleadings

We focus on the most important elements of every case, and keep our complaints narrow to avoid needless and time-consuming legal challenges to your claim.

Step 3: Experts

Experts are the most critical and expensive component of a successful medical malpractice claim. TrialHawk’s attorneys have more than 50 years of experience in identifying the appropriate experts to evaluate a claim and testify at trial.

Step 4: Trial

The trial date is the single most important time consideration for resolution. We place a premium on setting trial dates as quickly as possible. If a case cannot be resolved prior to trial, we present it to the jury with the same focus on effectiveness and efficiency that is the hallmark of our pre-trial work.